wHO do I think I am? Emma Chamberlain?

This is really out of my comfort zone being so transparent with my goals, but I have had a lot of moments lately where everything I have put out into the universe good or bad, has come about. Sooo, here are some of my goals for Kākahu vintage this year. I’ve been so nervous about the slightest idea of me talking about my aspirations to vlog on YouTube - why? I just thought it was a little bit embarrassing, like who do I think I am? Emma chamberlain? But I’ve figured I don’t know anyone in Aotearoa that vlogs their thrifting adventures, showcasing their holy grail thrift finds. I want to show everyone especially my buyers where I source the clothing, show them how there are times where I would travel from Turangi to Tokoroa in hopes to find the best one off vintage finds! Especially too how I am now living in Wellington and hope to go to every single op shop in all the whole of Wellington! I’d love to show my buyers and potential viewers the best op shops, and the WORST! Almost as though you guys can come along with me on my thrift trips! I have been so anxious about even coming out with my aspirations to one day vlog - but I’m not letting fear stop me from something that could be so beneficial for those who shop with Kākahu vintage! I figure I op shop literally everyday almost, and find so many cool things - Ultimately, the goal has always been to promote ethical shopping as much as I can, even if that means shoving it in your guys faces with my constant posts. However I have really committed to this journey I am on with Kākahu vintage, and I really think I will benefit, someone who struggles with anxiety, from putting myself out there and doing something I’ve really wanted to do but always made excuses against! 10.46 million textile and clothing get sent to the worlds landfills each year, that’s nuts. Hence why I’d love to promote sustainable ethical shopping as much as I can. I’d love to hear your guys thoughts on my goals - and the thought of me blogging my thrift adventures on YouTube?

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